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Another world is possible…

“…we are managing to change the world
It looks like a dream, but no, it’s not.
Today the river flows cleanly as well and I still have
stored all the verses that I composed in those days for

so many people
in my heart.”

Tomorrow, written somewhere in the world.

You will find here the manifesto “Tomorrow”, written by Jon at home while he was creating verses, also his message; that of a different tomorrow based on equality, diversity, social justice, the end of developmentalism without limits, respect for the planet? 

In short: to put life at the center and not return to the “normality” that has brought us to such a situation. 



You will see it in the different languages to which it has been translated, next to the map in which you will see reflected the place in the world from where your strength is also added. If you feel and think the same, from here you can read it, listen to it, adhere to it, download it, broadcast it, translate it, record it, create your video… whatever you think. 

Shake consciousness, make people around you think and wake up! Dream and act from wherever you are! Let’s not resign ourselves, the world doesn’t have a plan B, nor do we have two lives. 

This initiative is only a river, another river that makes it easier to reach people with the idea that another world is possible and that this crisis is an opportunity. Drop by drop, let us be a sea of strength and hope. 

We are all one and each one is everything. Participate in the idea that ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE. Join our map. 

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